Benefits of investing in a reverse osmosis system for your restaurant

reverse osmosisreverse osmosis
reverse osmosisreverse osmosis


Benefits of investing in a reverse osmosis system for your restaurant

Water is already a scarce commodity for consumers, especially when it involves access to pure drinking water. This brings much difficulty for the foodservice industry because everything chefs do relies on water to prepare and cook dishes. Whether you’re washing your vegetables or brewing coffee, it’s important to have access to quality water to help create positive customer interactions and a good name for your business. Investing in a reverse osmosis system is a good start to overcoming this challenge.

Put simply, reverse osmosis (RO) is a water treatment and purification technology that helps to remove waste from drinking water. It is also used in the production of potable, ultrapure and process water. If you’re thinking about a reverse osmosis system to support health-conscious customers or for quality reasons, here are a few reasons why you should go forward with your decision and invest in an RO system:


  • Quality tasting food and drinks

Going out for a meal has become a luxury. Many individuals who budget for these occasions go out of their way to find a quality dining experience worth their while. Within saying that, the quality of the water you use in your business to prepare and cook a meal can have a major impact on the outcome of the dish. Unpurified water contains a variety of strong minerals, chemicals and contaminants that aren’t always visible to the eye but can certainly be tasted. Any food that is prepared under these circumstances may leave your guests with a distinct, unpleasant taste, even when you have a five-star recipe at hand.

By doing your bit to provide a sustainable solution to the water treatment cycle, you will be able to remove all of the contaminants from the water and be left with a pure, treated end result. Simply by changing the water you use, you will be able to offer your customers a fresh meal that is worth coming back for.


  • A reduced mineral buildup in kitchen

Kitchens undergo regular health and safety checks to ensure that the area in which chefs operate is safe, clean and according to government standards. While you might be going the extra mile to keep your kitchen clean and sanitised, unpurified water does not make this process any easier. You will notice that you struggle to keep appliances clean, leaving minerals and sediment behind on all kinds of appliances and cookware. When you switch to a reverse osmosis system that generates purified water, you will be able to avoid the constant hassle of having to remove these mineral deposits. Employees will also spend less time scrubbing down kitchen equipment, saving on cleaning time and improving efficiency.


  • Steam equipment is exposed to less calcification

If you make use of a steam cooker, kettle or any other piece of equipment that involves steaming, you will quickly see how less calcification is left on your equipment when using purified water. Because of the minerals and chemicals in untreated water, it causes these appliances to discolour and it increases wear. The more the equipment discolours, the less efficient it becomes in delivering the same result.


  • It uses low amounts of energy

Often times, business owners refrain from making use of such technical systems because of their lack of knowledge towards the topic. When it comes to reverse osmosis water treatment solutions, you can rest assured knowing that the energy consumption on these systems is lower than that of other filter systems. It is an ideal solution for your business when looking to improve operations and customer satisfaction.


  • Long-term money saver

Companies are spending thousands of Rands on bottled water for their customers when you could be offering purified tap water for less. Of course, there will be individuals who prefer to order bottled water as opposed to tap water, but either way, your consumption and order amount will be significantly lessened. Maintenance will be something that you will need to factor into your purchase, however, these systems offer a variety of filter units to keep you going until you schedule a much-needed maintenance check.


Final thoughts

The initial thought might be daunting, but the beauty of these systems is that you can purchase a filtering system that is tailored to suit your business needs. If you speak to water treatment specialists, you will be able to discuss your needs with them and they will be able to suggest the perfect system for your business. The investment will be costly in the beginning, but once you’re able to reap the rewards in time, money and food quality, you will understand the importance of quality water in the foodservice industry.

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