Top reasons why all restaurants need a water audit

restaurants - water auditrestaurants - water audit
restaurants - water auditrestaurants - water audit


Top reasons why all restaurants need a water audit

Water is the world’s most important resource. And it is used by almost every industry in the world, with the food and beverages industry being no exception. It is important to try and conserve this valuable resource by any means necessary, and this means that you should look into a water audit for your restaurants.

Start by speaking to a water audit company about the possibility of an industrial water audit. This is more in-depth than one that is performed for residential homes, and will provide you with information that can help you to reduce water usage in your restaurants, as well as show you how to care for your water systems. Below are just some of the reasons why all restaurants need a water audit.


You will find leaks and worn out equipment

One sure-fire way to help with water conservation is to find all of the leaks in your establishment. This is what an industrial water audit will help you with, allowing you to repair the leaks and improve the water flow.

You might also find that some of your equipment, such as your stainless steel sink or your taps, is worn out and in need of repair. Usually, repairing these is quite simple but you could find that you need to replace the sink and taps altogether. If you continue to use damaged or worn out equipment, you will find your water bills climbing each month. A water audit company can help you to eliminate this cost by finding leaks and damage to your equipment.


You will find out the quality of your water

An industrial water audit will also check the quality of your water, allowing you to see how suitable it is for drinking, cooking and washing up. You can ask for your water to be tested for any contaminants that might affect its quality and find out how to remedy this.

For example, you might find that the water you are using to wash your food is not as clean as you thought it might be. You can then move on to finding solutions to this so that you only use the best water possible. You could invest in water filters for your taps or look into a filtration system from a company such as PROXA Water, which provide help with the desalination of water. Knowing the quality of your water can also help you to save money due to unhappy customers and spoilt food from bad water.


You can improve your workflow

Busy kitchen workflows change as often as the food on the menu does, and this can lead to water being used incorrectly. For example, defrosting meat in a sink meant for washing dishes is not only unhygienic but can change the way water is used in the kitchen.

If the water audit shows that water is being misused along the workflow, you can speak to your staff about their practices and ascertain how the water is really being used. One example of this is to use a bucket of hot soapy water and a clean mop to clean kitchen floors, rather than using a hose as some restaurants do. You can also look at your cooking processes by finding out the water usage, resulting in a more efficient way of operating.


Are you using the right fixtures?

Many restaurants have spray valves for washing dishes and cutlery, but these are not a one-size-fits-all tool. A smaller restaurant will not need a heavy-duty, industrial spray valve as this is inefficient for their needs and uses more water (and more money) to operate.

Similarly, the equipment you use to keep your ice cream scoops, spoons and other serving tools clean should not use too much water. An water audit will allow you to see these numbers and create a plan on how to fix the problems. It might involve using different equipment or changing how your restaurant operates. Ask professional water companies for advice on what equipment and fixtures you can use.


It will save you money

Other than wasting water, leaks and damaged equipment can cost you a significant amount of money on your monthly utility bill. And this can eat into your savings as well as your profit. Fixing the leaks is of utmost importance if you want to stop having high monthly bills and help the environment.

But if you are not aware of where the leaks are in your restaurant, you cannot take the steps to fix them. So, you can ask a water audit company for professional and precise help finding where the leaks are and repairing all the damage. You can also save money by replacing damaged equipment that might not be functioning as it should be. Saving money is one of the major advantages of performing a water audit, so be sure to keep this in mind the next time you are looking to cut down on costs.

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